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Suppliers and Manufacturers of DP Transmitters

DP transmitters have been in use to measure flow for more than a century. DP transmitters rely on a constriction called a primary element in the flowstream to create a pressure drop in the line. They measure the difference between downstream and upstream pressure to compute flow, using Bernoulliís theorem.  DP transmitters rely on a variety of primary elements to create the constriction in the line.           

DP transmitters are part of a family of pressure products. Other types of pressure transmitters include absolute and gauge. Absolute pressure transmitters measure pressure without taking atmospheric pressure into account. Gauge pressure transmitters include atmospheric pressure in their pressure measurement. Between the two, gauge pressure transmitters are more common than the absolute variety.

One of the most important developments in pressure transmitters with implications for flow has been the development of multivariable pressure transmitters. Multivariable transmitters measure two or more process variables.  In the context of flow, they have differential-pressure capability, which allows them to compute volumetric flow. In addition to this measurement, they contain a pressure and temperature sensor and/or transmitter to make a temperature and/or pressure measurement. Multivariable pressure transmitters that measure differential pressure, temperature, and gauge or absolute pressure can compute mass flow. This makes them capable of measuring the mass flow of steam and gas.

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The following are some of the supplier of DP transmitters used to measure flow:



Bristol Babcock


Emerson Process Management




Fuji Electric














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